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Always Under Construction…..

This resource website is in no way connected or affiliated with or the “Dummies” book series. Hopefully you will get a better understanding on how to use the system, and just what goes on there.

To read About IMVU, visit their page!

IMVU takes pride in being a BETA game since it first went online. Users are simply BETA testers, paying IMVU to be BETA testers. IMVU shows no signs of ever coming out from its protected BETA status.

Before playing this game called IMVU, one is strongly advised to read their Terms of Service (TOS) which they quite always refer to. Its the Holy Gospel according to the Internet Gods. Written to protect their target 13 year old user, but unable to be comprehended by a 13 year old user. Some lawyers even have a hard time digesting it!

When  you first create an account, you go thru a few training modules how to use their client, however, there are NO training modules on their system security or how to use their security features for their ever so protected 13yo user. It’s simply download, install, and go.

IMVU Users are comprised of the following:
1. The Gamers (on it for the game and the 3D experience/interaction)
2. The Artists (on it to show off their skills)
3. The Fashion Designers (self explanatory)
4. The Social Networkers (on it to make contacts and because they enjoy talking to different people)
5. The Psychos (on it for some ulterior motive)
6. Males using female avatars and females using male avatars for whatever purpose in life they wish to achieve.

Combine any/all of the above in  the same chat room, and  you are in for one hell of a mind fuck.

Jeff Hanlon, Senior Manager, IMVU Customer Care and Education

Management Team

  • Brett Durrett, Chief Executive Officer –
  • Serdar Copur, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer –
  • James Birchler, Vice President of Engineering –
  • Kevin Henshaw, Vice President of Business Development and GM of Revenue –
  • Chinh Nguyen, Vice President of Product Management –
  • Mike Smith, Vice President of People and Talent –
  • Matt Danzig, Co-Founder and Senior Art Director –

Should you have a need to contact the Better Business Bureau, here is their link for IMVU:

All users can have unlimited accounts. They will be used against you for either psychological or sexual gain/revenge. Trust no one. You have been advised! IMVU is Gamers vs. Social Networkers.
Gamers vs. Social Networkers in a same room… what a cyberpsychological mind fuck!.

Are there secret users who invest in who are allowed to get away with anything they want for their own sociopathic needs?

You can be anything you want on IMVU, For example: a registered sex offender / sociopath / demented individual / with hundreds of accounts just as long as you buy and spend credits. IMVU will not get involved  with room level activity.  IMVU will only act on sex offenders if you provide documentation on said user. After all, IMVU is only a game.