AP Land

AP Facts:

For a one time fee you get the following perks as an Adult on their system:

  • AP users have to adhere to the same TOS written for a 13 year old.
  • AP room graphics cannot show any AP items or scenes or they will close your room with no warning! (Even when GA users cannot even see anything AP related)
  • AP users cannot have any AP clothing or room scenes in public profile pictures
  • AP Avatar profile cards must be GA compliant
  • AP user homepages should be set to APĀ  users only. If an AP user homepage is not, and has nudity that can be seen by a GA user, you are subject to a two week time-out.
  • AP Males can only get 35% erect
  • AP Avatars cannot touch each other
  • AP posters cannot show couples having intercourse with insertion
  • AP posters cannot show full erections
  • AP furniture (with erotic spots) cannot be placed in GA rooms even though GA users cannot see them
  • AP clothing cannot be worn in a GA room even though GA users cannot see them
  • AP products in shop cost more simply for adult related visuals
  • Minors DO get AP access all the time.
  • “Trigger Dicks” don’t last long once found
  • The “AP Patrol” does exist and will flag you in a heartbeat!
  • Users do have more than one AP account!

Black Market product do exist. I highly recommend them as they do add to a more fun experience. However, do keep them in private rooms ONLY and be very selective as to who sees them and who knows you have them. All it takes is one user who knows room reporting skills to flag your products!

An example of a Trigger Dick that usually does not last long after purchase when worn in a public room:

A Trigger Dick

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